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asoue_rpg_ooc's Journal

asoue_rpg Out Of Character Branch
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Welcome to asoue_rpg_ooc, the out-of-character journal for asoue_rpg. Basically, this userinfo has been copy-pasted straight out ot the one for asoue_rpg, so I really don't think I need to repeat myself. But, if you haven't read the one over there yet, read it here:

No one was ever shipwrecked on the island. There are no horseradish apples, no coconut cordial, no white robes or island journals, and Count Olaf is most certianly not dead. It is just after the destructive fire of Hotel Denouement. No one knows who survived, and no one knows who set the fire. Fals identites are common, and anyone could be untrustworthy. Everyone is on their guard. VFD is in an uncertain state But far away, in the middle of the ocean on a small ship are three people: Count Olaf, and Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. They are far away from the disasterous happenings on the mainland, but who knows where the tide will take them?

1: You can't just take a character. You have to apply for it using this form.
2: All OOC discussions and character applications go into the OOC community, asoue_rpg_ooc.
3: You must have AIM to join, and you must post the AIM screenname you plan on RP-ing with.
2: Obviously, no character can be claimed twice.
3: Original characters are allowed.
4: If you'd like to RP slash/incest, please talk it over with the other person involved (though, considering how drama-fied this place got last time, this could change without notice)
5: Last time I had a rule about there being nothing over PG-13 material allowed. Well, screw that. So, only join if you feel you're mature enough to handle "the drama".
6: Profanity=Okay
7: There's a mod here who really enjoys informing people on the OOC community every time she makes even the smallest little update, so that might be something you need to get used to. Just saying.

||taken characters||
Violet Baudelaire//veryviolet_//acutes//killsjerome
Count Olaf//ultimate_dad//chibijelly//kiwisupreese
Esmé Squalor//evilesme//negiramenofdoom//theesmeisin
Fiona Widdershins//triangleeyes//chibijelly//mstriangleeyes

||free (canon) characters||
Bald-headed man
Duchess of Winnipeg
Person of Inderterminate Gender
Klaus Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire
Beatrice Baudelaire
Bertrand Baudelaire
Dr. Montgomery Montgomery
Mr. Poe
Isadora Quagmire
Duncan Quagmire
Quigley Quagmire
Lemony Snicket
Kit Snicket
Jacques Snicket
Carmelita Spats
Jerome Squalor spoon "accident
Justice Strauss
Captain Widdershins

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