and she's hotter than reality by far. (negiramenofdoom) wrote in asoue_rpg_ooc,
and she's hotter than reality by far.

Yay for keeping the comm posted! :D

So, I've compiled a list of comms to promote too, however small:
And I'll also post some ads to my icon community, flowy_sleeves when I make some icons.

I don't know of any strictly ASOUE comms to post to, because all the ones I checked hadn't had any posts in them for a while. The only not-half-dead one I know of is _lemonysnicket, and the last time I posted there was an RP ad, and I don't really wanna come off as an uber-promotion-spammer... so... yeah.

So any suggestions on where to post? Also, could I possibly interest anyone in writing a brief summary of the RP? The whole thing was such dramafied crack that I've got no idea where to begin...

And seconding the request to be re-modded, please! :D

(BTW, I just realized that we definately need to decide on a setting. Are we going with after TGG still, or are we re-writing The End to FREAKING ANSWER QUESTIONS, or what?)
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