and she's hotter than reality by far. (negiramenofdoom) wrote in asoue_rpg_ooc,
and she's hotter than reality by far.

Posted to both comms because I'm just THAT BORED.


*is evilesme/_not_reflected_/xx__whatsername/whatever other name/one of the mods who's really no longer a mod because she doesn't have the password anymore and the comm is so dead. AKA Miss Esme/Miss Alicia*

So yeah. I honestly have no idea why I'm updating this community when it's dead. I think it's mainly 'cause I'm bored and the comm is still here and I updated my journal three times yesterday so I don't really wanna touch it for another day at least. And I think I'm becomming OCD with RPGs for some reason (It's cause of the HP trailer, I swear. Every time HP roles around, I always wanna RP. Book, movie, trailer, whatever. It never fails)

And I kinda wanna see how many people are still watching this comm and how many people see this on their F-lists and decide to comment... perhaps? :D :D :D (READ: PLZ TO COMMENT IF YOU SEE THIS KTHX)

So... yeah... anyone read The End? [/pathetic attempt at conversation]
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