Momoko (momo_p) wrote in asoue_rpg_ooc,

Sorry >.

I wanted to appologize for not being around.
I left LJ last week and I forgot to put a note here- I am not leaving this rpg.
I'm having some problems in my life right now that I really need to fix, but I don't want to lose Kit or Sunny. <3
I am sorry to all of you on aim- I know I haven't been on...I started not coming to chats because of all of this crap >.<
If the rpg starts to pick up and I am not around I'll give you an e-mail that you are sure to reach me at.
If this is too much of a hassel to the group...I am sorry, I really don't want to give up this role play.
I'll be back soon, I'm determind to fix the things I need to fix. ^__^
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