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"Since i got all these comments about me copying (soo sorry to asoue_rpg about coyping that charater!! i thought he was from the books because i forgot some of the charaters) and everyone hateing this commuity i might shut it down so every will be happy. Even if it means that i'm not happy.... soo if u want this commuity be shut just post a comment ok? and again i'm sorry. you guys can hate me all you want for copying."
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It's not hate...more like a breech of territory?
But I do think that things would get complicated with two Klaus's, two Sunny's, two Olaf's etc. running around two different boards.

I mean, you're always welcome to come rp for us with an open character, but before things get too outta hand, it may do some good to put you're community on hold. But don't think we're evil, vicious people- just dedicated rp-er's.
Um..... I was writing what they wrote in their community, you'll have to go there and tell them that, not me ;)