and she's hotter than reality by far. (negiramenofdoom) wrote in asoue_rpg_ooc,
and she's hotter than reality by far.

That's it. This has been weighing on my mind far too long, and I think I just need to get this out of the way (...I'm making this sound so serious o__o).

I'm opening the comm back up.

Not that it was ever closed in the first place, but I'm gonna make an honest (and hopefully not futile) attempt to get in contact with some of the old members of the RP (unless I know they can't do it) to see if they'd like to start again, and then I'll start promoting, and maybe that will help. If not, so be it (Still, I'm not gonna delete the comm because a: this place is fun to read//b: I so lost the password to the accounts that I was modded on).


*goes to contact old members*

(posted to both comms)
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